Why Choose Us?

Not to brag too much, but we just won Best of Dayton - Wedding DJ for 2019

How'd we do it you ask?

Well, we strive to make your night the most memorable night of your life. We make sure to keep your guests entertained and keep you on schedule to do everything you want to do, exactly when you want to do it. We take time to care about you and your night, not just the entertainment. Although, we're pretty good at that too!

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An honest, energetic, and self-proclaimed comedian. Co-owner and Emcee of No Limit premier. Jay is a
hard-working individual who loves to spend time with his family and to make those around him
comfortable and happy. He is delighted in the presence of many people and has the ability to talk to
anyone with the simplest of ease. A perfectionist who always stays cool under the collar. His biggest
thrill in life is to encourage other people to live a life of love and positivity on a daily basis. He holds his
friends and family in high regard as they are the absolute reason for his success and his ongoing
personal growth.

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Jamin Livingston co owner and Dj of No Limit Premier. Born and raised in Dayton, Oh. Comes from a big
family of musicians and music lovers. A man who truly knows how to get a crowd moving. A father of
two beautiful boys. Enjoys going to concerts, making music, hanging with family and friends and
providing an awesome soundtrack to your happily ever after!

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Why No Limit Premier?

Our overall goal at No Limit Premier is to alleviate the stress of your wedding day. We understand even
the smallest detail can have the biggest effect. That’s why we strive to be as precise as possible to sweep
that stress under the rug. We’ll make sure all of the specified events and activities are covered and guests
are aware of everything and that they also go over without a hitch. We pride ourselves on delivering
smiles and laughter throughout the whole process. We understand how to coordinate everything perfectly, from weeks
before your special day, up until we are wrapping up at the end of the night. We take great pride in
perfection. We are known for our Butler like attention to detail and that is what sets us apart. We have a
deep admiration of love that we prefer to radiate to make your union the exact replica of what you
dreamed it would be.


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