How do I differentiate between DJ services

The DJ is the glue that holds your celebration together, so making a well-informed decision is key. That said, choosing a DJ service can be confusing and overwhelming. How do you decide which DJ to hire? How do you make a decision about price and quality? How do you determine which company will truly provide service that ensures that you and your guests are the focus of your celebration?

Figuring it all out is not as hard as you might think. The DJ industry pretty much falls into two types of services. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, there are some general reoccurring themes within the two categories.

Type One companies view their DJs as entertainers. These DJs perform best when they are the center of attention. Props, games, line dances and lots of interaction on the microphone.

Type Two companies view the DJs as facilitators of music, announcements and events. Attention is focused on the clients, the guests and the music being played. The DJ’s interaction on the microphone is most often reserved for coordinating events and making formal announcements.

No Limit falls in the Type Two category.

What other key differentiators should I look for?

After figuring out what style of DJ you prefer, it really comes down to two things: Resources and Value.

Resources: Once you have made your initial deposit, we will provide you with all the right tools and information that you will need to help communicate what your music and event expectations are. The truth is that most DJ companies don’t know how to ask the right questions, and that often leaves the DJ uninformed and unable to deliver a quality experience.

Value: Value is determined by a core mix of metrics: professionalism, ease of communication, response times, online resources, flexibility, equipment, time at event and price. The ultimate question for you is: What sort of value can the DJ company provide to your wedding?

How do I evaluate equipment?

When you compare DJ services side by side it seems as though each one boasts that they have the best sound and light equipment. Many companies go to great lengths to tell you why their equipment is better. Let’s pause for a second and consider this important question: What role does equipment play at your reception?

Well obviously, without equipment, you would not have the means to play the music or set the mood. However, the equipment by itself is of little value to you if there isn’t a trained individual operating the controls. Equipment is only one piece of the puzzle.

Since each DJ company makes its own choice concerning equipment, the next question you should ask yourself is: What influences their decisions? How do they decide between the myriad of lighting effects, amps, watts, and speakers? No Limit takes a comprehensive approach that addresses two imperative issues: Quality and Space.

Quality: Does the sound and light system provide quality sound and proper lighting?

Space: Does the sound and light system limit its invasiveness? The equipment should not detract from your event site’s ambiance.

If you feel overwhelmed with the equipment issue, take a moment to put it into perspective. Thinking about it in these terms may be helpful:

When you go to a job interview, does an employer doesn't ask you about all the features of your car. The employer is thinking about the value you can bring to the company. It is assumed that you have a reliable method of transportation to get to work.

Just like getting to work is your responsibility, DJ equipment is ours. Professional and up-to-date equipment should be a necessity to be in business, not a key point of differentiation. No Limit has a professional sound and light system that is right for you and your venue.

When will we hear from our DJ?

Your DJ will call you the Monday or Tuesday of the week of your wedding to finalize all the details.

Have you performed at my venue?

The answer is probably yes. We have performed at many venues in Dayton, as well as some venues in Troy, Tipp City, Cincinnati, Columbus, and many others. Feel free to contact us to find out the last time we performed at your site.

Do you have audio visual equipment we can rent for the ceremony and/or reception?

We have limited equipment that can be rented directly through us. Multiple microphones or extensive A/V needs should be handled by an A/V company and technician. Contact your sales representative for more information.

How much music can we play in an evening?

A typical four hour dance allows for approximately 50-60 songs. On average, wedding guests make between 20-30 requests.

Can you provide music during the ceremony?

We can provide ceremony coverage for an additional charge. Contact your sales representative for pricing.

What if we want a song that is not on your list?

With over 20,000 songs and constantly growing, our music library is quite extensive.  However, if we don’t have a song/s you would like, just ask, and we will get it for you. In the rare instance that we are unable to locate the song you request, we will ask you to provide it to us on a CD or mp3, at least three weeks before your wedding.

Can we bring our own music?

Yes, absolutely! Our DJ systems are set up with our state-of-the-art NuMark USB-compatible digital music player. Feel free to provide music and your DJ will play it.

Is an appointment with my DJ company necessary?

Meeting with a DJ service depends on whether or not the company you’re speaking with provides the proper resources for you to make a well-informed decision. Generally speaking, the goal of your appointment with a DJ service is twofold. We will address each one individually.

First, you want to see the sound and light setup. The desire to see the equipment in action is normal. We suggest that you take advantage of whatever method is available to see the equipment. If the company you’re considering saves you time and money in the process, even better. Some additional points to consider:


- Does the company provide various kinds of lighting effects that can be used to infuse and inspire the mood or does it just use repetitive lighting that simply dims and blinks?
- Will the equipment interfere with the space necessary for the dance floor or guest seating?

- Speakers raised to ear level allow music to be maintained at a noise level that is loud enough for those dancing and reasonable enough for those who wish to converse.

- Are the speakers in the line of hearing and do they provide a clear sound at the volume you need?

Second, you want to see the DJ who will be performing at your wedding.

Everyone wants to make sure their DJ is going to be the right fit for their event. Some DJ companies will allow you to go to one of their “shows.” The upside is that you can visit another couple’s wedding and view the DJ and equipment in action. The downside is you may not be assigned the same DJ you just saw and furthermore, if they sent you and others to a private wedding where they are performing, you might also find some "visitors" at your wedding! At No Limit, we extend and guarantee a privacy privilege to each one of our clients.

How do you determine who our DJ will be?

We take pride in our ability to match the right Associate DJ to your event. If you've got a preference for who you want to be your DJ, just ask! We'll make it happen.

What happens in case of an emergency?

As with all of our services, we have a reserve DJ on call in case an emergency arises, giving you peace of mind. And in addition to reserve DJs, we also have a weekend manager and an on-call technician to handle any other situation that might arise.

Can we plug into your system for our slide show or live musicians?

Yes, your DJ will be happy to discuss your specific needs in detail during your phone or in-person consultation.

What if we don’t get the right vibe from our DJ when we speak with him/her?

After the phone consultation, should you not be satisfied with the DJ selected, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we will match you with another DJ.

How much experience do your DJs have?

Our DJs vary in their years with No Limit Premier, but all have one important thing in common: they produce great events! No Limit proactively seeks out only personable, professional, and hard-working individuals with a love of music to join our team. We believe that many of the skills required to be a good DJ can be taught, but integrity, personality, and character are inherent. To make sure that our new DJs develop all these important aspects of service, they participate in our DJ Mentor Program, which combine classroom learning and on-the-job training.

Can we go to a wedding where your DJs are performing?

No Limit respects the privacy of all our clients; therefore, we do not allow clients to attend events to view our services. After all, would you want a complete stranger at your wedding distracting your DJ with questions? We believe that our focus should be on the wedding couple and their guests, not on selling our services to other brides and grooms.

Why don’t we have a sit down meeting with our DJ?

The last few weeks leading up to your event are usually extremely busy with final preparations and details. We have found through our years of experience that a phone consultation is more convenient for our clients than a sit down consultation.

Does the DJ bring equipment, (amps, microphone, etc.), or do we/our reception site need to supply it?

We bring all the sound and light equipment needed for your event.

What happens if a piece of equipment breaks at the show?

We have backup equipment and a backup technician scheduled on the day of your wedding should any problems arise. Typically, power cords are the most common things to break down so our DJs always carry multiple spare XLR and power cords for a very quick repair. They also carry screwdrivers in the event that a screw needs to be tightened or replaced on a stand or a speaker. No Limit DJs are trained to handle equipment issues on site and can engage in short term alternative solutions if needed until the replacement part is delivered. Should a speaker or another major piece of equipment fail, the on-call technician would replace the broken part. This is an extremely rare occurrence.

How much room will the DJ need? Do I need to provide a table?

Our DJ system is versatile enough for any space, large or small. Your DJ will need a 6’ or 8’ banquet table and minimal room for the speakers and lights. Most event sites will provide a skirted table for the DJ at no charge.

When is our information (i.e. play list, colors) due?

We request your DJ and Color Profiles, as well as your play lists, three weeks prior to your wedding date. This allows us the time to match you to the best DJ for your event and obtain any additional music you may have requested.

How do we reserve a No Limit DJ?

Simply call, send a check, or reserve online. The deposit is $250 and fully refundable for 14 days. Upon receipt of your deposit, a contract will be sent to you for electronic approval. Please approve and print a copy for your records. The next steps in the planning process will be outlined in your confirmation e-mail and Welcome Kit.

When is our balance due?

Your balance is due three weeks prior to your wedding date. Taking care of this in advance allows you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.